Mathura News: The idea came to the son of a laborer while picking up garbage in school, made a garbage machine, the President called to meet

Nirmal Rajput, Mathura
In Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, a class 10 student made a machine while cleaning the school while picking up the garbage. With the discovery of a manual machine made by the student, the country’s President Ram Nath Kovind Also very impressed. The President expressed his desire to meet the student and an email from Rashtrapati Bhavan boosted the student’s spirits. He was invited to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan. For about 5 days the student stayed in Rashtrapati Bhavan with his mother and told President Ram Nath Kovind in detail about the manual garbage collection machine he had made.

The family of Sikanto Mandal, originally from village Kodala in district Murshidabad, West Bengal, lives in Nagla Shivaji, Mathura for about 15 years. The student’s father Prashanto Mandal takes care of his family by driving a rickshaw. He is survived by wife Kalpana and two sons. His younger son Sikanto studied till 10th from Jaigurudev Balya Balak Vidyadan Higher Secondary School and 11th from KR Inter College.

Idea came while picking up garbage

He is now pursuing B.Sc from Rajiv Academy. Sikanto was born on 4 October 2003 in Kodala village, West Bengal. The student’s mother Kalpana told that she came to Mathura at the age of one and a half months and since then till now she is living in a rented house in Mathura. Talking to Arvind and Manoj, the teacher of the student’s school, they told that he is very fast in reading. Along with work, he also does his school work on time.

Science teacher Manoj Kumar told that Sikanto is a promising student. Which I recognized in class VIII and I thought why not send its name to a place where it can get a platform. We wanted to work on such a topic which was different and different. In our school, the girls sweep and the boys pick up the garbage. Some children used to run away from there by hiding their faces in picking up the garbage. We made such a vehicle in which we can pick up the garbage while enjoying. It took us 6 months to prepare this vehicle.

President called to meet

President called to meet

When the student asked for financial help, when the student talked to the student, the student told that this project of mine has been seen by a Japanese company and I was called to Japan for 7 days under the project. In the same Rashtrapati Bhavan also I got a chance to stay for 3 days and we had dinner with the President. The students also told that the President encouraged me to pursue this project of mine.


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