Missiles, radars, fighter jets… China built 35 ‘air forts’ from Ladakh to Arunachal


  • China has prepared air defense ‘forts’ on the Indian border from Aksai Chin to Arunachal
  • The image from the satellite shows that the intention of the dragon on the border with India is not right.
  • The air defense network that China has prepared includes radar, missiles and early warning systems.

Amidst the ongoing tension in Ladakh, China has prepared large-scale air defense ‘forts’ on the Indian border from Aksai Chin to Arunachal Pradesh. It is clearly visible in the latest picture from the satellite that the intention of the dragon on the border with India is not right. The air defense network that China has prepared from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh includes state-of-the-art radar, surface-to-air missiles and early warning systems.

The satellite image released by open source intelligence analyst Detresfa clearly shows that China has prepared to compete with India in about 35 places. Some of these air defense network bases are old and many new ones have been built. China has built most of the new military bases after the Doklam dispute. China has deployed surface-to-air killer missiles along the Ladakh border, Uttarakhand border, Bhutan border and Arunachal Pradesh border.

China deployed killer missiles on the Indian border

The wall of the hangar is being made thicker than three meters
On the basis of these latest satellite images, defense experts say that China has taken a comprehensive and aggressive attitude on the border with India. He has warned the Indian Air Force about China’s preparedness. According to sources, China is making better infrastructure at its airbase near the LAC. It is building new hangars for its fighter jets and is also improving lighting systems. China is preparing closed hangars from all sides in its airbase in which China can keep its fighter aircraft safe.

The wall of the hangar is being made more than three meters thick and the doors of the hangar are being made of single piece strong steel plate. These are being prepared in such a way that 300 to 500 kg bombs, ground penetrating bombs do not damage the fighter jets standing in the hangar. China is also installing a new lighting system at the Skardu airbase in Pakistan. So that air operations can be continued round the clock, all weather.

China deployed 50 thousand soldiers on the Ladakh border

China has increased the mobilization of troops on the border amid tension in Ladakh. This is the reason that India also had to deploy 50 thousand soldiers under the Mirror Deployment Policy. This deployment of troops on the India-China border is being described as the biggest military tension of the decade. Since the Galwan violence in June last year, the armies of both the countries are standing on the border with full preparation.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, China has deployed 15 thousand more soldiers this time than the number of soldiers deployed during the Galwan violence. According to Indian intelligence and military officials, China’s People’s Liberation Army has gradually increased its military presence to over 50,000 over the past few months. Both countries have developed a lot of infrastructure in the border area amid tensions. This includes insulated cabins and tents for the soldiers to stay in during the winter. Most of the military construction between India and China has been done in eastern Ladakh. Here the armies of India and China are still stationed face to face in Gogra-Hotspring, Depsang and Doklam.


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