Mother-in-law’s daughter-in-law, who ran away to Mumbai with her father-in-law’s pistol, used to ask grandparents, where is the mother of the four-year-old daughter


  • MP Nagar police revealed the incident of theft of retired BSNL officer’s house
  • Daughter-in-law had stolen mother-in-law’s jewelery along with her lover
  • Police arrested woman and lover from Mumbai
  • The woman had fled to Mumbai leaving her four-year-old daughter

On May 29, a retired officer from BSNL lodged a complaint with the MP Nagar police station that jewelery and pistol worth Rs 6 lakh had been stolen from the house (Bhopal Robbery Case News). The complainant lives with the family in Shivaji Nagar of MP Nagar police station area. The family members suspected the servants of the house regarding the incident of theft in the house. On this basis, the police was also investigating the matter. The matter was also taken seriously by senior police officers.

Within a week of the incident, the retired officer’s son lodged a police complaint that his wife was missing. The police officers directed that the matter should be investigated thoroughly. It is possible that the daughter-in-law of the complainant was involved in this incident. With the help of technology, police started searching for the daughter-in-law. During this, he was recovered from Nala Supara, a posh area of ​​Mumbai. There the woman was living with her boyfriend Anil Pathak.

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was stolen together with lover
During interrogation, the woman told the police that she along with her 26-year-old friend Anil Pathak had carried out the theft. Anil was originally from Murar, Gwalior. The woman told that after mortgaging the jewelery to a finance company, she took two lakh rupees from her and went to Mumbai to roam with her lover. After the arrest of the two, the police have recovered jewelry and pistols.

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Both wanted to be set in Mumbai
The woman was in a relationship with her boyfriend for two years. The family members were not suspecting the daughter-in-law for this theft incident. At the same time, the daughter-in-law was living with her lover Anil in the rich area of ​​​​Mumbai East in Nala Supara area. Both wanted to live here and make their living. The woman had gone with her lover along with her daughter’s jewelry.

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Can’t remember four year old daughter
The woman also has a four-year-old daughter. Leaving a little girl, she has been missing with her boyfriend for a month. The girl was remembering her mother again and again in the house. She used to ask her grandfather and grandmother where the mother was. The police was also getting worried about the girl. But the woman never called in a month and did not know the condition of the girl. She never remembered the child and the woman kept walking with her lover.


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