MP: Rescued 30 children brought from Bihar in the name of studying in madrassa, information was given from Child Line

Digital Desk, Bhopal. 30 children being brought for work have been rescued in Bhopal. The age of the children is stated to be 14 to 17 years. The children say that they belong to a poor family and have come to the city in search of work with the people of their village. 23 children brought for work were rescued at Bairagarh Sant Hirdaram station and deboarded from the train. While 7 children got RAPF in Agartala Express at Habibganj station.

These children were taken over by the police with the help of Child Welfare Committee and the police with the help of Child Line organization. The information about the children was given by the Child Line organization. It was told that Child Line informed the families of the children about the incident by talking on the phone in the night itself.

Children were brought from Bihar for work
Archana Sahai, the coordinator of Child Line Sanstha, informed the police that these children were brought from Bihar to Bhopal in connection with work. All the children are from poor household. On the other hand, after the rescue, the children told that they have come to Bhopal and Indore to study in the madrassa.

information to be sent separately
According to Bhopal Police, these children were to be sent from Bhopal to Indore by train for work, at present our interrogation with the children is going on, the child gave statements in different ways.

Child line organization had given information
After confirmation about the children, 16 children were released and 7 children are currently lodged at the shelter home in Chhola. Whom their families are reaching Bhopal to pick up. Kailash Satyarthi expressed his gratitude by tweeting as soon as he got the information.


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