Muzaffarnagar News: Negligence of electricity department, ‘hope’ of electricity rests on neck and shabby poles, feasting on accidents

Mirza Gulzar Baig, Muzaffarnagar
In Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, whether it is due to the negligence of the electricity department or the work, here the high tension wires have reached in a dilapidated condition and the electricity poles have also started melting, despite this, the electricity department is not trying to get them replaced. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . People complained many times to get these electric wires and electricity poles replaced, but the electricity department Kumbhakarni is not waking up from sleep.

This negligence of the power department can lead to a major accident at any time. On Tuesday, three passers-by, including a child, were seriously injured due to a tree that fell on the electric high-tension wire. Fortunately, no big vehicle was passing by during this time, otherwise a very big incident could have happened.

how the accident happened
An iron electric pole was installed at the bus stand in village Behada Sadat of Kakrauli police station area, which had melted from below. The villagers complained about this pole many times to the electricity department, but that pole was not removed by the electricity department. On Tuesday afternoon, a thick stick of a tree standing next to the power pole broke down and fell on the power line, due to which the pole, which was strangled from below, fell on the passing of Rihanna’s wife Rafi and her daughter Riya and son Savage. The passers-by passing by have admitted the injured to the hospital for treatment.

what the villagers say
Villagers of Behda Sadat, Azim Zaidi, Intezar, Salekchand, Din Mohammad, Radheshyam etc. told that many times the demand has been made to replace the electricity department by informing them about the dilapidated wires and errant power poles, but the department has not taken any action. Action not taken. The pole which fell on Tuesday, the department was also informed about this pole, but the electricity pole could not be removed from there. He said that there are many other similar poles standing in the village, which are inviting major accidents, if those electric poles are not removed by the electricity department, then there can be a big accident at any time.


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