NASA tweeted a picture of an Indian intern sitting with Hindu deities, someone told Indian culture, someone said – destruction of science

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on its verified Twitter handle tweeted a picture of the participants who got an internship opportunity with this space agency. These pictures also have a picture of Indian intern Pratim Roy. However, as soon as this picture was shared, its criticism has also started. Users on Twitter are divided into two factions. Some people are praising it fiercely and some have even told it to be the destruction of science.

Actually, in the picture shared by NASA, there are statues and pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses on her table and wall. Sharing photos of four interns, NASA has given information about its internship program.

Quoting NASA’s tweet, a Twitter handle named ‘Mission Ambedkar’ wrote, ‘After seeing this, we said, NASA has destroyed science.’

Some other users are also questioning NASA regarding this picture. Tweet However, many users are also praising this picture of NASA.

Actually, two sisters from India, Pooja and Pratima Roy are currently studying in computer engineering technology. Both are currently doing internships in the US space agency NASA.


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