New photo of Baghpat’s uncle goes viral, people said – forgetting them is like a crime

Recently, a video of Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh went viral. In this video, two groups were seen fighting each other fiercely with sticks. A long-haired uncle involved in this fight also went viral, which created a buzz on social media. Recently his latest picture has gone viral again.

Actually, the new picture of Baghpat Wale Chacha, also known as Einstein Chacha, has gone viral. Posting this, Shefali Tomar wrote that do you recognize them, as well as giving a hint, she also wrote chaat. After this people started commenting and started telling that he is the same uncle of Baghpat.

Responding to this post, IAS officer Avnish Sharan wrote that forgetting them is like a crime. A user named Vivek Choudhary wrote, ‘Who does not know them, those who fought the Mahabharata of 2021 and emerged victorious. He is number one in the Twitter memes of 2021.

In this new picture, ‘Einstein uncle’ is seen in a very cool style. He is seen at a clothes shop and a woman is also seen with him. During this uncle is seen wearing a very attractive kurta.

Let us tell you that when the video of the fight went viral, people became fans of uncle. In the video, uncle had failed the big fighters. People were laughing seeing this. #Chahcha also started trending on Twitter.

However, 8 people involved in the fight were arrested by the police after the video went viral. After this the picture of his lockup also went viral. This fight took place between two chaat people. At the moment, now the new picture of uncle is going viral, people are commenting funny on this too.


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