Now if the central government takes action, we will not give protection, high court’s slander on Twitter on the new rules

If India’s new IT rules are not implemented by Twitter, then it cannot be given any kind of legal protection. The High Court has said this regarding the non-implementation of the provisions of the new IT rules, including the non-appointment of Grievance Officer in India till now on behalf of Twitter. Along with this, the court has sought an affidavit from all the interim officers appointed by Twitter that they take responsibility for the task assigned to them. Earlier, during the hearing of the case, Twitter said that it needs 8 weeks to appoint a grievance officer in India. Earlier on Tuesday, the High Court had given Twitter only two days.

In the Delhi High Court, Twitter said that it has appointed an Interim Compliance Officer in India, who is a resident of India. Along with this, the social media company said that the interim Grievance Officer will be appointed by July 11 and the Interim Nodal Liaison Officer will also be appointed in two weeks. Along with this, the social media company told the court that the first compliance report will be issued by it on July 11. Earlier, the High Court had told Twitter that it cannot take arbitrary time for the appointment of an interim officer in India.

Justice Rekha Palli of the High Court said, ‘How long will your process take? If Twitter thinks that it can take arbitrary time here, then it will not be allowed to do so. Let us tell you that Dharmendra Chatur, the Interim Grievance Officer of Twitter in India, resigned last month. After this, Jeremy Keras has been appointed in India by Twitter. However, according to the new rules set by the Government of India, only a citizen of India can be kept in this role.


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