On suspicion of theft, a 16-year-old boy was beaten up on the road, then the dogs scratched him.

An incident of shame to humanity has come to light from Kapashera in Delhi. In which a 16-year-old boy continued to suffer on the beach road but no one came to his aid. The boy, who was in pain, was attacked, bitten and killed by a pack of dogs. The boy was beaten up by the owner of a farmhouse on suspicion of theft and left on the road with injuries. After which he was attacked by a pack of dogs. The owner of the farmhouse severely beat the boy with sticks and then left him tormented on the road. The boy lay on the road but no one helped him in the meantime a herd of dogs bit him.

Police officer Pratap Singh said the boy who died was the son of a driver. The boy’s name was Sandeep Mahato. He went to the farmhouse with his friends around 11 a.m. The farmhouse guard spotted them and raised an alarm when they suspected that they could be thieves.

Soon, farmhouse owner Prakriti Sandhu caught Mahato while two of his friends managed to escape. Police said Sandhu beat Kar with a stick causing injuries on his head. As soon as the teenager ran away, he fell on the road after which he was attacked by a pack of dogs. Police said he died several hours later but there was no help.

A man passing through the road noticed the body and informed the police around 4.30 pm. A case of murder has been registered and they are looking for the owner of the farmhouse who is absconding, police said. Police said the farmhouse owner lives in Gurugram and runs a transport company.

Police said the boy has no criminal record but efforts are being made to find out why he and his friends entered the farmhouse.

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