Online fraud has happened to thousands and millions, no need to panic, in this way the solution will be done in minutes


  • Online fraud will be prevented
  • Helpline number released
  • Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell Initiative for Cyber ​​Fraud

New Delhi. Last year, when the corona virus started creating havoc in the country, people started taking advantage of online facilities by staying at home. Now in such a situation, under the guise of epidemic, cybercriminals have started carrying out forgery incidents. Cyber ​​and security experts had already warned that the incidents of cyber fraud had increased. At present, the cases of cybercrime incidents are increasing in the world. Some time ago there has been a cyber attack on two big American companies. As banking services are becoming online with technology in the country, cybercrime is also increasing along with it. Incidents of online fraud keep coming to the fore every day, that is, people are becoming victims of it. Now people do not have much information about it, so they are not able to even register a complaint of crime against themselves.

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Issued a helpline number:

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell have partnered to prevent online fraud and save people’s money. The helpline number has been issued jointly by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell. Here you can report incidents of cybercrime. The helpline number 155260 has been issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell. If there is any kind of online fraud with you then you can call on that number. The id from which the money stolen from your account would have been transferred to another account in 7 to 8 minutes. Banks or e-sites will receive an alert message from the helpline after which the amount will be put on hold.

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Home Ministry’s cyber portal to check online fraud And Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell together started 155260 pilot project in November last year. Now it is fully launched. The Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Platform is being used for the first time in Delhi. After that Rajasthan was added and later other states will also be included. 55 banks, e-wallets, e-commerce sites, payment gateways and other organizations across the country have jointly created the interconnect platform Citizen Financial Cyber ​​Fraud Reporting System. Through this platform, people can save from online financial fraud in a short time. So far 3 lakh 13 thousand rupees of about 21 people have been saved through this helpline.

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This helpline number is with line ten. That is, no one will get this number busy. If you call the helpline number 155260, then the user will be asked for the name, number and time of the fraud. Then the information will be sent to the portal, bank and e-commerce related to the incident. Apart from this, the information will also be shared with the bank of the fraudulent person. Therefore, if there is a fraud with you, then you have to file a complaint as soon as possible. Apart from that you can also complain by visiting


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