Open sky…Hand in hand and Ishant’s romance under the waterfall, VIDEO Viral

The Indian team is spending a holiday before the five-Test series against England. Almost all the players of the team are enjoying the UK tour with their respective families. Right now most of the players are in London or its surrounding areas. Some have also gone to rural areas, one of them is Ishant Sharma.

The veteran pacer of the Indian team has shared a video on Instagram, where he along with his wife Pratima are seen taking a bath in the natural water flowing from the mountains. Under this unique waterfall, the bonding of both is made on sight. During this, Ishant is also seen saving water from the injury on his right hand, which he suffered during the World Test Championship final.

Unique waterfall in the middle of the forest

St Necton Glen is considered one of the most spiritual places in the UK. This place falling in North Cornwall is in a dense forest. The spectacular sixty feet waterfall from a hole in the rocks attracts everyone towards it. Many rare plants and animals are found in the forests here. There are also private resorts here.
English team had to change suddenly, Stokes became ODI captain for the first time, nine out of 18 new players

Despite the Corona explosion Ongoing will be holidays
Due to some England players and support staff being found to be Corona positive, his ODI team was quickly isolated. The BCCI has not made any changes on the break given to Indian cricketers before the five-Test series. This 20-day holiday of Team India will continue like this. Remember that the English team has to play one-day series against Pakistan from July 8.


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