Pak army bluntly to Imran Khan shouting China-China, said – make good relations with America too

These days the Prime Minister of Pakistan is seen taking China’s side in everything. Imran’s love for China has increased so much that he is openly insulting America. A few days ago, he had created a ruckus by saying ‘Absolutely not’ on the question of giving airbase to America in Pakistan. Now Pakistani Army has Imran Khan has bluntly said that they should also build good relations with America.

Pak Army Chief and ISI Chief advocated
Appearing before the recently constituted Parliamentary Committee on National Security of Pakistan’s Parliament, Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa And ISI Chief Lt Gen Faiz Hamid advocated for a healthy relationship with the US. Some lawmakers who attended the meeting pointed out that the military and intelligence leadership stressed that ties with China were strong and that sacrifices could not be made. Along with this, Pakistan has to maintain a healthy relationship with America.

Told about the strategic challenges of Pakistan
The meeting held on Thursday continued till late night. In this meeting, the army and ISI presented their stand on the situation after the withdrawal of America from Afghanistan, developments in Jammu and Kashmir, relations with China and America. Both the bodies also briefed the MPs on the strategic challenges facing the country and the internal security situation.

Imran Khan denies US slavery for the sake of Taliban, will not allow CIA to build a killer drone base
Concerns raised over Indo-US relations
Concerns were also expressed in this meeting over the growing strategic ties between India and America. The Pakistan Army Chief said that India is strengthening its ties with the US through several bilateral and multilateral arrangements. That is why General Bajwa asked Pakistan to maintain healthy relations with America. Pakistan is also concerned about the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. The Pakistani military said it had limited influence over the Taliban.

Pakistani army chief reprimanded the leaders, said – the country will have to see bad days

Army Chief warns about the plight of Pakistan
The leaders were also told in this meeting that external forces are increasing their influence in the country. The rise in terrorism in Balochistan and the attack in Lahore last week is a result of this. In the coming days, the International Monetary Fund may increase the pressure on Pakistan. In addition, efforts can be made to target China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects. It was further feared that there could be an attempt to intimidate foreign investors from Pakistan.


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