Pakistan has become insolent, despite being in the gray list of FATF, terror is not taking action against terrorists

Despite being on the “Grey List” of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Pakistan appears to be less concerned about terror groups living in its territory. The terrorist groups whose leaders and commanders need to be acted upon by Pakistan include the Afghan Taliban, Haqqani Network, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Jaish-e-Mohammed, Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation, Al Qaeda and Islamic State. Are included. Pakistan has always been giving shelter to those terrorist groups on which FATF wants to take action. These are the same terrorist organizations that are responsible for spreading unrest there after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

Major shortcomings in Pakistan’s action

Last month, the FATF pointed to “major deficiencies” in Pakistan’s decisions to curb terror financing. The FATF said at the end of the meeting that the FATF encourages Pakistan to continue working to address the CFT (counter-terrorism financing) related item as soon as possible.

However, it is difficult for Pakistan to complete this work in the next three months till the Force Plenary Meeting to be held in October. In fact, Pakistan is showing no willingness to act against the leaders of terrorist groups, as reported by the Times of Israel.

Pak will remain in the gray list for now

Let us tell you that recently, FATF President Marcus Player said in a press conference that “Pakistan has made great progress in the suggestions given to it and has fulfilled 26 of the 27 conditions. But now it has to be held responsible for terrorists.” And work is yet to be done towards punishing them.” He said that Pakistan will still remain on the ‘Increased Monitoring List’. The ‘Increased Monitoring List’ itself is called the Gray List. He praised the Pakistan government’s commitment to curb terrorism and said that he would review the situation again after four months in October this year.

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