Pakistani army happy with Taliban occupation in Afghanistan said – India’s investment is sinking

Pakistan is a country which finds some reason to be happy in every trouble. The latest case is of Afghanistan, where the countries of the whole world are worried about the occupation of Taliban. But Pakistan has found its happiness here too. It is happy that with the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, India’s investment there is sinking. Major General Babar Iftikhar, Director General of Pakistan-based Inter Service Public Relations, gave a statement about this on Saturday.

target on india
Major General Babar Iftikhar, the head of the media wing of the Pakistani military, was talking to a private channel. He said that he would not have been disappointed today if India had invested in Afghanistan with good intentions. According to Babar Iftikhar, India’s aim was to harm Pakistan by infiltrating Afghanistan. He further said that New Delhi has always told the world that Pakistan is the cause of trouble in Afghanistan. While there is absolutely no truth in these claims of India. The Major General said that the whole world knows that Pakistan always wanted to solve the problems of Afghanistan.

US decision also questioned
Major General Babar Iftikhar did not stop here. He also questioned the US government’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. He said that the US was expected to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan in a responsible manner. But what he did was a hasty step. He also presented his clarification on the matter of American base in Pakistan and said that there is no truth in these claims.

Border management could have been better
The chief of the Pakistani military wing expressed regret that his country’s border management with Afghanistan could not be better. However, he insisted that his country would not allow its land to be used against any other country. He assured everyone that Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan is completely safe. He said that necessary steps would be taken to make it more secure. DG ISPR said that 90 percent of the Pak-Afghan border has been fenced.

We advocate for peace in Afghanistan
Major General Iftikhar advocated peace in Afghanistan during a long conversation with private TV. He said that Pakistan has been making efforts in this direction since former US President Donald Trump also announced the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan. He said that Pakistan does not have any favorite in Afghanistan. Make the kind of government you want to form. The onus is on the Afghans to take Afghanistan forward.

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