Pakistani President accuses India of terrorism, seeks cooperation from Turkish army


  • The President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi has made many toxic allegations against India.
  • Alvi made these statements during a meeting with Turkish Army Chief General Umit Dundar
  • Alvi claimed that India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan through Afghanistan

The President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi, has made several venomous allegations against India after a meeting with Turkish Army Chief General Umit Dundar. Alvi claimed that India is promoting terrorism in Pakistan through Afghanistan. Training and giving money to terrorists. He called upon General Umit to help Pakistan. This statement of the President of Pakistan has come at a time when both the countries are running several secret defense cooperation programs together.

Alvi said that there is illegal trade in uranium used in atomic bombs in India but international is keeping silent on it. He also raised the issue of abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir. The Pakistani President stressed that Pakistan, together with Turkey, will further strengthen cooperation between the two. He said that huge opportunities exist in the fields of trade, defense and culture.
Turkey, Greece engaged in making atomic bombs with Pakistan, warns India
Appreciation of Turkish President Erdogan
The President of Pakistan expressed the hope that the Agreement on Military Training Cooperation between the two countries will give a further boost to cooperation at the military level. He thanked Turkey for its cooperation on Kashmir and FATF. He praised Turkish President Erdogan, who is dreaming of becoming caliph, and said that he is emphasizing the unity of Muslims. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Army has honored General Umit with a military award.

On this occasion, General Umit said that no one can separate Pakistan and Turkey now. He said that the Turkish people especially want to increase defense cooperation with Pakistan. General Umit had earlier also met with Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. Both the army chiefs had stressed on strengthening defense cooperation. Not only this, both talked about increasing mutual training between the armies.
Turkey is building 4 Ada class warships for Pakistan, know how dangerous it is for India

Greece’s experts claim, Pakistan is giving nuclear technology to Turkey
Earlier, Greece’s experts had warned India on the deepening nefarious friendship between Pakistan and Turkey. Reports say that Pakistan is transferring nuclear bomb and missile technology to Turkey. The whole world has been shaken after this news. Experts said that this friendship between Pakistan and Turkey poses a great threat to terrorism and regional security in Greece and India.

Greece’s international affairs expert Professor John Nomikos said that the Turkey-Pakistan nexus has become a major threat to India and Greece. He said that Turkish, Pakistani and Chinese intelligence agencies are working together to create instability in Jammu and Kashmir. Professor Nomikos called on the Joe Biden administration of America to rein in Turkey’s dream of becoming a nuclear-weapon state.


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