Patna News: Sir gave a unique lift to wife as a gift, you will also appreciate the reason behind it

Often husbands give special gifts to their wives to show their love. But have you ever heard that a husband has given a lift to his wife as a gift? It must have sounded strange, but in Patna, a mechanical engineer husband has given a unique gift to his wife by making a special lift in his house. The special thing about this lift is that it is not human, but food items, breakfast-tea etc. are sent directly from one floor to another from the kitchen. To help the wife, the engineer husband has installed this special lift.

Special remote operated lift made for wife

Anuj Kumar, a mechanical engineer who built the lift, told that his wife does not have any problem in carrying goods from one floor of the house to another from the kitchen, so this lift has been installed. If any guest comes to the house, then his wife provides tea, breakfast, food to welcome them through this lift. When the breakfast-food is ready in the kitchen, she keeps it in this lift, which the members of the house take out on different floors.

Wife injured after falling from stairs, husband took this decision

Anuj Kumar said that once the guests came to the house, his wife was bringing breakfast for them. At the same time suddenly she fell from the ladder and got injured. He decided to build a lift so that there is no accident in the house again. He told that after about 11 months of hard work, he was successful in making this lift in his house. He said that initially he could not make the lift due to lack of money, but the wife was aware of the problem and finally he succeeded in installing it.

What did wife Kajal say on this special gift of her husband?

Anuj Kumar tells that he loves his wife very much and that is why he made a lift in the house in 2021 to make his wife happy and gave her a special gift. Wife Kajal is also very happy to receive the gift. He told that a very unique gift has been received. I had never seen such a gift in my life. He said that there was a lot of trouble in the house and there was frequent movement of stairs. Especially if guests came, it would have become more trouble, but that problem is over now.

How much did the lift cost… Also Anuj told the plan ahead

Anuj told that about Rs 95941 has been spent in making a lift for tea, breakfast and dinner. It will cost less to build the lift again. Such a lift will be ready for about Rs 50000. He also said that if initiative is taken by the Bihar government to make such lifts at more places, then in the next few days, such lifts will be made in many more houses of the capital Patna.


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