Pet dog found death in Pakistan, lawyer sentenced to bite

A case has come to light from Karachi, Pakistan where two pet dogs have been sentenced to death. The punishment was given because both the dogs attacked and injured a senior lawyer.

Actually, according to a report in ‘Gulf News’, this case is from Karachi, during a morning walk in a posh area here, a senior lawyer was suddenly attacked by two dogs. The lawyer’s name is Mirza Akhtar and both these dogs are German Shepards. After the incident, Humayun Khan, the owner of the dogs, apologized to Akhtar.

The report noted that the death sentences awarded to the two pet dogs found guilty are part of an out-of-court settlement between the lawyer and the pet owner. The lawyer said that both the dogs attacked him mercilessly without any provocation and injured him.

According to the information, this settlement has been done between the lawyer and the dog owner to settle the dispute. Lawyer Mirza Akhtar has agreed to pardon dog owner Humayun Khan on certain conditions.

CCTV footage of this incident has also surfaced. It is seen in the video that as soon as the lawyer passed in front of the house, the dogs attacked him. The condition also states that Humayun Khan and his family will not keep any dangerous or cruel dog as a pet in the house.

After this it has been decided that the doctors will put both the dogs to sleep. Apart from this, the dog owner will also give 10 lakh rupees to the local shelter. Before the settlement, Khan had applied for bail in the court. Two of his employees were kept in custody by the police.

After this incident came to the fore, the discussion on it has also started. Some animal welfare groups have opposed this and are calling the agreement inhumane. They say that why the careless animals are being punished for the carelessness of the handlers?

At present, the video of this incident has been shared by many people. It is seen in the footage that somehow the dogs were controlled. Watch the video here..


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