Pfizer, Astragenica less effective in fighting single-dose delta variants – study claims

The vaccine from Pfizer or Astragenica is less effective in protecting against the delta variant of the corona. A study says that this vaccine is not very effective in producing antibodies in the body of people who have not had corona virus before and if they are infected with the delta variant of corona. A study published in ‘Journal Nature’ states that the delta variant of Kovid-19 has proved to be the most effective infection worldwide.

This study states that the delta variant has the ability to evade antibodies made in the body of people who have already been infected with the corona virus in the past. The study says that people who have taken both doses of the Pfizer vaccine or Astragenica can remain safe from this virus. This recent study emphasizes that it is very important to apply both doses of Pfizer or Astragenica to avoid the effects of the delta variant.

The World Health Organization has considered the delta variant of the corona to be the most dangerous and the aggression of this variant was seen during the second wave of corona in India. The study states that less than 5 percent of the population in India has taken both doses of the vaccine. Because of this, the danger regarding this variant is not averted yet. However, in the last few days, the vaccine drive in the country has accelerated significantly.

Experts believe that the third wave of corona can come in the country by October and in view of this, it is very important to reach the vaccine to as many people as possible. Let us tell you that due to the decrease in the cases of Corona, many countries have started waiving their restrictions here. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the World Health Organization has appealed to the countries of the world to take care of the important things while increasing the exemption.


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