Philippine Military’s Air Disaster: Death toll in plane crash reaches 50, 49 soldiers rescued

Digital Desk, Manila. The death toll in Sunday’s plane crash in the southern Philippines has reached 50. Officials gave this information on Monday. The US had handed over two aircraft, including this aircraft, as military aid to the Philippines, its oldest treaty ally in Asia. The US handed over the Air Force aircraft to the Philippines after being refurbished.

Military officials said the Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft was carrying 96 combat troops. While landing at Jolo Airport in Sulu province, he overtook the runway and crashed into a coconut orchard. After this the plane caught fire. Soldiers, police and firefighters rescued 49 military personnel, some of whom had jumped off the plane before it exploded. The army said seven people on the ground were hit by aircraft parts and debris, and three of them died.

In a video taken by soldiers, the plane can be seen landing in clear weather and then disappearing outside the airport. “It disappeared, it disappeared,” came a soldier’s voice. After this, dark brown smoke appeared at some distance from the airport. The soldiers shouted ‘It fell, it fell!’ It is not yet clear what caused the plane to crash. Investigators are looking for the C-130’s cockpit voice and flight data recorder.

Regional military commander Lt. Gen. Corletto Vinluan said “it is unlikely that the aircraft was fired by enemies”. Military chief General Cirilito Sobejana told reporters on Sunday that the plane “missed the runway and was trying to regain power but failed and crashed.”

An Air Force official told news agency AP that the Jolo runway is shorter than the runway at other airports in the country. For this reason, if an aircraft misses the landing spot, it becomes more difficult for pilots to adjust the aircraft.


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