Pre-monsoon happened in these two districts of Rajasthan, know when the monsoon will be active in the entire state

Sri Ganganagar / Hanumangarh / Jaipur
The people of Sriganganagar, the hottest place in the whole of India, got some respite from the heat due to the pre-monsoon rains on Saturday. Normally, in the first week of July in Sriganganagar and Hanumangarh, the monsoon reaches, but this time due to the lack of monsoon (monsoon in rajasthan) yet, the life of the common man was difficult due to severe heat, but the pre Due to the monsoon rains, people have got some relief and the temperature has come down.

Weather turned pleasant over the weekend

The weather also became pleasant due to the dark clouds covering the sky and strong cold winds. People celebrating holidays on the weekend got a lot of relief. The movement of dark clouds continued in the sky throughout the day and the weather was made on sight due to the cold wind blowing.

Rainfall from 10 mm to 70 mm


Before the rain in both the districts, there was a strong storm, due to which the dust clouds covered the atmosphere, but due to the rain for a while, the sky was cleared and the people got relief. Sadulshahar, Karanpur, Ghadsana, Binjbayla and Lalgarh in Sri Ganganagar, while Sangaria, Tibbi, Phefana, Talwara Lake, Thaladka etc. in Hanumangarh received good rains. Due to the rains, the drying crops of the farmers have got a new life.

Farmers are hopeful of rain

The farmers were unable to sow the Kharif crops on time due to the canal closure of the first ninety days and now due to the indifference of the monsoon. Farmers now have hope only from rain. Farmers say that if there is no good rain, then this time there will be a famine situation.

Know how long the monsoon will be active in Rajasthan

According to the Meteorological Department Jaipur Center, in the second and third week of July, the monsoon will be fully active and there will be good rains. However, in the coming two-days, chances of rain are being expressed in many districts of the state, especially in East Rajasthan.


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