Punjab Congress Crisis: Amarinder is reaching Delhi again next week, know what is the formula made to calm the discord between Sidhu and Punjab Congress


  • Amarinder Singh prepared a formula to calm the discord within the Congress in Punjab
  • It is being told that Punjab Congress President Sunil Jakhar can be removed.
  • The post will be given to a Hindu leader in place of Sunil Jakhar
  • Amarinder Singh prepared a proposal to make Navjot Singh Sidhu Deputy Chief Minister
  • Amarinder Singh will meet the high command in Delhi next week to give his formula

Political stir continues in Punjab. After lunch diplomacy, now Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh is once again reaching Delhi. He is set to meet the Congress high command in Delhi next week.

It is being told that Amarinder Singh is reaching Punjab with a formula to resolve the political crisis in the state and accommodate Navjot Singh Sidhu. However, the last date of the meeting has not been decided yet.

Marathon meeting held in Delhi for 4 days

Earlier this week, Navjot Singh Sidhu met Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi and put forth their stand. Other senior Punjab Congress leaders also held marathon meetings with Rahul Gandhi for four days in the national capital.

Panel has given report
Assembly elections are to be held in Punjab early next year and infighting within the party is a challenge before the Congress. To resolve the crisis, a three-member panel was constituted, which had already sent its report to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi.

Sunil Jakhar set to be replaced
According to sources, the current PCC chief Sunil Jakhar is set to be replaced. The captain had openly played his cards through lunch diplomacy, after which it was said that a Hindu leader should be given a chance to lead the party in the state. It is believed that this is being done to compete with Navjot Singh Sidhu for this post.

PCC command to prominent Hindu leader!
According to sources, a prominent Hindu leader and minister in the Punjab government and a former Union minister are the frontrunners for the post. Apart from this important committees are to be finalized for the 2022 assembly elections.

Sidhu can be made deputy CM
Big responsibility will be given to Sidhu. Things will become clear after the meeting of the Captain and the top leadership. Captain Amarinder Singh is up for discussion for the post of deputy chief minister and chairman of the campaign committee for Sidhu. The top leadership will take a decision only after taking the Captain into confidence.

A senior leader pointed out that the Punjab Congress crisis is not about Captain versus Sidhu. Most of the MLAs are not happy with the working style of the Chief Minister and have put it before the top leadership.

Amarinder working on 18 point agenda
A senior party leader said, “With just a few months left for the elections, the party is not in a position to take any drastic step to change the leadership in the state.” Captain Amarinder Singh has been given an 18-point agenda to work on. Meanwhile, other leaders will also be inducted. The party’s formula for cabinet reshuffle and appointment of a Dalit deputy chief minister along with another deputy chief minister is also under consideration.

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