Rajasthan News: Two vaccinators, both busy on mobile, both gave 2 doses of vaccine to 1 woman

Jhunjhunu. Look at the negligence of the medical personnel. They are engaged in the most important work of this time, but do not care about anyone’s death or life. This incident of negligence is of the vaccination camp of Bakra village of Jhunjhunu. In the camp, a woman comes to the vaccination center to get the vaccine. Two vaccinators were vaccinating. Both were busy talking on the phone. The vaccinated woman sits next to the vaccinator. After this, the vaccine is given while talking on the phone. Then the second vaccinator also puts another vaccine on the other hand. According to the woman who got the vaccine, both the vaccinators were busy talking on the phone. Now see it will be called negligence or playing with the life of a human being. Who will take responsibility for this mistake? But there is a lot of concern in the family of the woman who has been given two vaccines simultaneously. Let there be no mishap. A camp was organized for vaccination in Bakra village of Jhunjhunu. This great negligence has come to the fore in this camp. According to the information, a vaccination camp was organized in Bakra village on July 3. In the camp, Maya Devi, wife of Surendra Kumar Jangid of Bakra village also reached for the vaccine. Two vaccinators were giving vaccines in the vaccination room. When Maya Devi entered the room, both the health workers were talking on the phone. Maya sat on the stool between the two. While sitting on the phone, he got the vaccine. Similarly, the other vaccinator sitting on the other hand also vaccinated on the other hand. Maya Devi told that she also tried to stop, but did not stop and vaccinated. Maya Devi told that she told that two vaccines have been given on both her hands. Maya told that both of them said that there is no problem if two vaccines are taken. You stop and take rest for an hour. Maya Devi has not experienced any major side effects so far. The woman’s husband said that if something happened to his wife, the medical department would be responsible. Both the vaccinators were once shocked and it was hidden that two vaccines have been given to a woman. The woman’s husband says that this is a big negligence. This should not happen with anyone else. In this regard, Chief Medical Officer Chhotelal Gurjar refused to speak in front of the camera. Told to show the matter. (Report – Zahida Khan)


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