Rishikesh News: The economic situation worsened in the lockdown, the businessman set himself on fire

Vinita Kumar, Rishikesh
There was chaos on the railway route of Rishikesh at that time. When a businessman troubled by financial constraints attempted suicide by pouring flammable material on himself during the lockdown. Seeing it burning, the nearby shopkeepers tried to save it by pouring water and sand on it, but by then it was quite burnt. The businessman was taken to AIIMS.

The owner was making pressure to pay the rent
According to the information received from the police, on Tuesday, Brijpal Singh, a trader of Laxmi Cosmetics located on the railway route of Rishikesh, attempted suicide by pouring petrol on himself. The trader is a resident of Bankhandi. The trader was unable to pay the rent to the shop owner due to financial constraints during the lockdown, while the shop owner was continuously pressurizing him to pay the rent.

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Departed to Dehradun Higher Center
On Tuesday also the shop owner tried to lock the shutter of the shop. Due to which angry Brijpal set himself on fire by pouring flammable material on himself. Brijpal came out of the shop which was on fire, burning on the road. Seeing such a frightening scene, there was a stampede among the nearby shopkeepers.
Neighbors immediately tried to extinguish the fire by pouring water and soil on it, but by then Brijpal had been burnt to a great extent. The shopkeepers brought the businessman to AIIMS for treatment in critical condition by 108 emergency ambulance service. From where he was sent to Dehradun Higher Center.


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