Russia Security Strategy: Friendship with India-China will increase, will defy US dollar…Vladimir Putin brings Russia’s new security policy

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the country’s new security policy. A document was released regarding this on Saturday. In this, emphasis has been laid on increasing cooperation with India and China. On the other hand, in order to accelerate its economic security, it has been said to reduce the use of dollars in international transactions. This policy is being seen as a gesture of Putin to increase distance from America while increasing friendship with India-China.

India-China cooperation
The document aims to establish special strategic cooperation with India. At the same time, the target has been set to develop comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation with China. According to the report of Russian news agency Sputnik, this policy will seek to create a process that ensures regional stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region, apart from different groups.

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less use of the US dollar
On the other hand, the document seeks to reduce the use of US dollars in international transactions. Through this, efforts will be made to increase economic security. At the same time, domestic development and production of vaccines has also been considered important in this direction. The document about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) clearly states that its move on nuclear weapons will increase the military threats facing Russia.

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Russia faces many dangers
“The military threats facing Russia are exacerbated by attempts to pressure Russia and its allies,” the new policy said. In this, claims have been made such as NATO military exercises near the Russian border, claims of increasing espionage activities, exercises with large military groups and developing nuclear weapons against Russia.

It said that subversive forces inside and outside the country are using the socio-economic challenges facing Russia to increase negative social processes and create rifts among different groups.
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Putin's message

Putin’s message


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