Russian Navy fighter planes wreak havoc in the Black Sea, precise bombing of ‘enemy’ warships

Russian fighter jets are practicing precision bombing of counterfeit enemy warships amid escalating tensions in the Black Sea. Russian Navy The Black Sea Fleet of the U.S. reported that its fighters conducted joint naval exercises with warplanes from the Southern Military District. During this, the practice of dropping bombs on enemy warships and attacking with missiles was done. These days, the US-led military organization NATO is also conducting maneuvers in the Black Sea with the armies of many countries.

Bombing exercise in the Black Sea
Russia’s state news agency RIA reported that Russian Navy and Air Force fighter jets carried out training missions over the Black Sea. During this, precision bombing and missile strikes were practiced on simulated enemy ships. Sukhoi Su-30SM, Sukhoi Su-24M, Sukhoi Su-34 and Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jets participated in the exercise.

S-400 was tested in Crimea just two days ago
Two days ago, the Russian Air Force test-fired the S-400 missile system in Ukraine-occupied Crimea. Russian military officials had told that they are checking the operational preparedness of this missile defense system. Captain Alexey Rulyov, spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, said aircraft and helicopters of the Black Sea Fleet carried out the exercise with the Air Force formation of the Southern Military District. In this, their preparedness was checked by firing the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system and Pantsir self-propelled missile and gun system.

S-400 missile system: what happened to Russia in Crimea? Suddenly the strength of the S-400 missile system began to be checked
Russia is irritated by NATO maneuvers
NATO’s annual exercise Sea Bridge began on Monday in the northwest part of the Black Sea. The Russian Navy is closely monitoring the warships participating in this exercise. About 5,000 soldiers and 32 warships from 32 countries are involved in this exercise by the opposing countries of Russia. By July 10, the armies of the enemy countries will demonstrate their power in the sea close to Russia.

What works air defense system
Its job is to detect and prevent any possible air strike in the country. It collects information with the help of various types of radars and satellites. Based on this information, it can tell from where fighter aircraft can attack. Apart from this, it can eliminate enemy aircraft and missiles in the air by firing anti-missiles. India has so far bought only weapons of attack from Russia. For the first time India is buying S-400 defense system from Russia.

US Navy Anti Ship Missile 01

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