Sakshi reveals, Mahendra Singh Dhoni keeps talking about PUBG even in his sleep at night


  • Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is very fond of video games
  • Sakshi revealed that Dhoni spends a lot of time on games
  • Sakshi said that sometimes Dhoni keeps talking about PUBG even in his sleep.

New Delhi
Sakshi Dhoni, wife of former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, has made many funny revelations about him. He has told many things related to the everyday life of this former wicketkeeper. He has revealed how much Dhoni is fond of playing video games and not only that he keeps talking about PUBG (now BGMI) in his sleep at night.

In a conversation with Chennai Super Kings on Sunday, Sakshi said that such games keep Dhoni’s always active mind on the other side. He, however, also said that it had entered his bedroom as well. Because the former captain himself keeps playing the game with headphones and keeps talking.

Sakshi Dhoni said, ‘You know that Mahi’s mind is always on the move. He doesn’t get any rest. So when he is playing Call of Duty or PUBG or any other game, it helps him to focus his attention elsewhere, which is a good thing.

Sakshi further said, ‘I mean I am not very much irritated that it has entered my bedroom and nowadays PUBG has come on my bed. Sometimes I feel that he is talking to me but he is talking to people while playing games with headphones on. Many times these days he is talking about PUBG while sleeping.


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