Scientists found more than 100 black holes in our galaxy Milky Way, 3 times more than expected

Scientists have found more than 100 black holes in our galaxy Milky Way. these black hole 80 thousand light years away from us. It is believed that there are three times as many black holes as scientists usually expect. With this discovery, scientists have got a chance to understand about the mysterious star cluster Palomar 5. It will also be possible to understand how these and other such star clusters will develop in the coming time.

This research has been done by scientists from Cardiff University and University of Barcelona. According to the report published in ‘Independent’, it can also reveal many other things, such as a stream was recently found instead of a cluster of stars. The origin of these streams can be detected from clusters like Palomar 5 filled with black holes. It’s in Galactic Halo where the primeval stars are. On the basis of stars, scientists find out how many black holes can be here.

Researchers believe that black holes keep engulfing the stars and then only they remain, the stars die. There are many clusters of stars in our galaxy, but a study in January found a family that includes about 500 stars. These stars appear to be flowing like a stream rather than a bunch, and based on data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia Space Telescope, it has been found that they were all born together.

This stream of stars is also running in the same direction simultaneously in the sky. The study based on this section, named Theia 456, was presented at the 237th meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Study author Jeff Andrews has pointed out that stars are usually born together in a group, but the special thing about Theia 456 is that it is not a bunch. It is elongated and elongated.


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