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US Secretary of State coming to India next week, will there be talk on China during the meeting with PM Modi?

WashingtonUS Secretary of State Antony Blinken is visiting India next week amid tensions with China in Ladakh. This is Blinken's first visit...

US Air Force hurled bombs in Afghanistan, destroyed Taliban hideouts

HighlightsAmerica swung into action after Taliban captured half of Afghanistan's districtsUS Air Force fighter jets and drones have carried out attacks on Taliban...

Internet down worldwide, many websites and apps including Amazon, Paytm stalled for hours

WashingtonDue to a technical glitch, many websites and apps including Amazon, Paytm stopped working for about 45 minutes on Thursday night. It...

Nuclear Football: What will happen if the US President’s nuclear football disappears? what is the danger of nuclear attack

These days, there is a lot of discussion about the security of the black suitcase 'Nuclear Football' carrying the President in America. ...

US China Relations: America is building a wall of missiles around China, cracking down on Dragon

WashingtonTo counter China's increasing aggression, the US has started deploying missiles to the Pacific Ocean. China, which has made the world's largest...

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