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Kim Jong Un’s cruel intention, people who fled to China after saving their lives from North Korea, were sentenced to death

PyongyangThe 'rebels' who fled North Korea to China may have to lose their lives. Dictator Kim Jong has made a plan to...

Afghan Vice President lashed out at Taliban-Pakistan alliance, said – we know where weapons come from

KabulAfghan Vice President angry over supply of weapons and fighters to Taliban amrullah saleh Has scolded Pakistan fiercely. He said that we...

Israeli company NSO retaliates on allegations of espionage, bid – only because of Pegasus, millions of people are safe

JerusalemIsraeli cyber security company under allegations of espionage in many countries around the world NSO Group He has retaliated and declared himself clean....

The situation in Afghanistan is very bad, be alert and avoid travel, Indian Embassy issued advisory

KabulThe Indian Embassy in Kabul has issued a security advisory regarding the safety of Indians living in Afghanistan. The advisory states that...

Tension with India in Ladakh, Xi Jinping’s instructions to Chinese army in Tibet, ‘Be strong prepare for war’

LhasaChinese President Xi Jinping visited Tibet for the first time amid heightened military tensions with India in eastern Ladakh over the past year....

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