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Children’s corona vaccine has arrived! European Agency approves Moderna’s Kovid vaccine

LondonThe European Drug Control Agency has given its approval to Moderna's Kovid vaccine amid the worldwide discovery of a children's corona vaccine. ...

Indian Navy exercises with British aircraft carrier, pictures give a clear message to China

The Indian Navy is conducting maneuvers with the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Bay of Bengal amid tensions with China....

Jail, Corona, Suicide and Illness… Know about Nirav Modi’s excuse to avoid extradition to India

Londonfugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi India is making various excuses in front of the British Court to avoid being extradited. On Wednesday,...

Britain will always keep two warships stationed in Asia, China’s arrogance will come out in the Indian Ocean

LondonTired of the increasing strength of the world's navies in Asia, Britain is also going to deploy two of its warships forever. ...

Watch: Britain gets ‘liberation’ from Corona restrictions after 15 months, nightclubs full of partygoers

Highlights:In Britain, just before Freedom Day, the party fiercely when the lockdown restrictions were easedThousands of people gathered in the nightclub, people standing...

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