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Fisherman searching for ‘alien’ life in the depths of the ocean, is in love with these ‘monstrous’ fish

moscowSeeing many unique creatures among the waves of the sea is a part of the life of fishermen, but a fisherman from Russia...

Watch Video: The rat inside the parliament, the Spanish MPs screamed in fear, started running here and there

SevilleIt is common to see rats in India, but if they are seen walking in a government building, then the question of cleanliness...

Rafale Greece: Greece gets the first Rafale fighter plane, will clash with Turkey’s F-16 in the Mediterranean

AthensGreece's Air Force has received the first Rafale aircraft from France amid tensions with Turkey. Greek Defense Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos and Dassault...

Russia: Police Chief’s luxurious ‘palace’, gold toilet, chandelier in the bathroom … was running the ‘mafia gang’ of bribery

moscowA police chief in Russia prepared his house by making it like a luxurious palace. It includes every Ash-O-Aram. Even the...

How Powerful Is Russia’s S-500 Missile System? Putin showing strength till the video continues

Russia has created panic in the world by releasing live video of its S-500 missile system for the first time. The Russian...

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