Tamil Nadu student did wonders! solar powered bicycle

Petrol and diesel prices in the country are constantly touching the sky. People are now thinking about petrol-diesel once before driving bikes and their cars. Meanwhile, a student of Madurai College in Tamil Nadu has done wonders. The student has made a solar powered electric bicycle.

Actually, Dhanush Kumar, a student studying in Madurai College in Tamil Nadu, has made a solar powered electric bicycle. This e-cycle can run continuously for 50 kilometers with the help of solar panels. Even after its power is low, it can run more than 20 km.

News agency ANI has also posted some pictures of it. The cost of electricity used for the battery used in this is much less than the price of petrol. It costs only Rs 1.50 to travel up to 50 km. It is being told that this cycle can run at a speed of 30-40 km.

With this cycle, while on one hand the cost of petrol and diesel will be reduced, on the other hand it will also reduce pollution. Its maker Dhanush Kumar says that this cycle has 4 12 volt batteries, a 350 watt brush motor, accelerators have been installed to increase the speed. To charge its battery, 2 solar panels of 20 watts have been installed.

This cycle of Dhanush came into the limelight a few months back, but now it is becoming popular in Madurai due to rising petrol prices. People of the area are very happy with this achievement of Dhanush Kumar. People are also praising this student on social media.

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