Terrorism being spread in Kashmir through hybrid terrorists, a big challenge for security forces


  • ‘Hybrid’ terrorists made terror part time work
  • Security agencies believe, terrorists spreading violence by planning
  • IG said – will soon end the module of hybrid terrorists
  • Hybrid terrorists being monitored – IG Vijay Kumar

Security forces in Kashmir are facing a new challenge on the front of terrorism. The challenge is to ‘hybrid’ terrorists (Hybrid terrorists in jammu kashmir) who have not been labeled as extremists but are so radicalized that after committing any terrorist incident, they return to their normal routine.

Officials said attacks on “easy targets” have increased in the Valley, including the city of Srinagar, in the past few weeks and most of the incidents have been carried out by youth armed with pistols whose names did not figure in the list of terrorists prepared by the security forces.

‘Hybrid’ terrorists made terror part time work
Officials said this new practice has created new trouble for security agencies as it is difficult to track these ‘hybrid’ terrorists or ‘part time’ terrorists and they pose a challenge to the security forces.

how are they preparedHybrid terrorist?
Officials in the security establishment said that a ‘hybrid’ terrorist is a boy living in the neighborhood who is fanaticized by his bosses and prepared for an incident of terrorism.

How do you end panic?
“He completes the assigned work and waits for the Aka’s further orders,” the officials said. Meanwhile, he goes back to his normal life. Officials said the new practice is being followed in the Valley on the instructions of Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI.

Which method are terrorists adopting out of desperation?
“The terrorists are changing their modalities out of desperation. This shows his frustration. They are now preferring to target easier targets than a pistol-handled attacker in which the target is unarmed and rarely retaliates, such as businessmen (including minority communities), activists, unprotected politicians and policemen without duty.

What is the motive of terrorists after all?
Officials said the aim is to create an atmosphere of fear and prevent business and social activities that affect “terrorists and their ecology”.

Security agencies believe, terrorists spreading violence by planning
Officials clearly say that ‘they want to silence those who speak against separatism, oppose those who spread and incite violence’ by targeting them. Security agencies believe that this is not accidental but planned.

What does it mean to be a hybrid terrorist?
“It can never happen accidentally,” the officials said. It involves tracking movement and finding the weakest moment in the routine. The watcher can also be an Over Ground Worker (OGW) or a hybrid terrorist who is not on the police list but has a pistol and an intent to kill. Just like hired killers.

‘Murder is the motive of terrorists, who is it doesn’t matter’
“The numbers don’t matter in this,” the officials said. So there can be no motive for killing the victim, but he can be an easy target for mere murder, no matter who he is.

Srinagar was declared ‘terrorism free’ last year
Police had declared Srinagar ‘terrorism free’ in the first week of September last year. However, it was followed by attacks targeting civilians, police personnel and officers and are believed to be the work of ‘hybrid’ terrorists.

Increased number of attacks in the last week
There has been an increase in such attacks in the last few weeks. On June 23 this year, terrorists shot dead 25-year-old shopkeeper Umar Ahmed in front of his shop. The incident took place in the Habbakadal area of ​​the city.

Terrorists targeting unarmed policemen
Earlier, terrorists killed Inspector Parvez Ahmed Dar posted in the CID branch of Jammu and Kashmir Police in Kanipora on the outskirts of Srinagar. It was clearly visible in the CCTV footage that two terrorists came from behind and shot them with a pistol. Similarly, on June 17, terrorists fired at a policeman who had finished his duty from close range in Saidapora area of ​​Idgah in the old city. On June 27, terrorists shot at a special police officer, his wife and daughter in Pulwama district outside Srinagar.

IG said – will soon end the module of hybrid terrorists
Kashmir’s Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said some sleeper cells, hybrid terrorists are present in the city but insisted that the police would deactivate this module soon.

Hybrid terrorists are being monitored- IG Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar said, “We will soon deactivate the active module in Srinagar. There are some sleeper cells which we call part-time or hybrid terrorists. We are keeping a watch on full time terrorists but it is difficult to track part time or hybrid terrorists as they go back to everyday life after committing the incident but we are keeping a close watch and they will be traced soon. ‘

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