The claim of being number one in the vaccination of Tripura caused confusion, the High Court said – the figures are wrong

The Tripura government faced a setback for its claim of maximum COVID immunization as compared to other states in the country after the High Court dismissed it, terming the government’s data as “manipulated”. A bench of Chief Justice Akil Qureshi and Justice Arindam Lodh, during the hearing of a PIL filed on the current status of Kovid in Tripura, rejected the claim of the state government, which said that Tripura is on top in the country in terms of vaccination. is.

Criticizing the government, the bench said, “The Court has laid stress on the credibility of public information from the very beginning, as we believe that such claims will be true only if the data provided by the state machinery is transparent and accurate and the public will have access to this information.” Will believe. A responsible officer has given wrong information, so we are hopeful that he will now provide the revised information to the press.

It is noteworthy that the Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Dev Sarkar had won accolades across the country by claiming that 80 percent of the population of all eligible age groups had been given the dose of Kovid. Whereas in case of above 45 years this figure was 98 percent.

On the court’s order, a senior health official, who did not wish to be identified, said, “We have checked our data and still we stand by the claim of 98 per cent vaccination. There may have been some discrepancy in the exchange of information between our office and the court. We will file an affidavit in the court at the earliest.


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