The employee who was missing from the job first told himself Vishnu avatar, now said – give gatuity or else there will be drought in the world

Rameshchandra Pfeffer, a former Gujarat government employee who claims to be his ‘Kalki’ avatar (the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu), has demanded that his gratuity be released at the earliest or else he can use his ‘divine powers’ to do so. Years will bring severe drought in the world. Pfeiffer was given premature retirement from government service for being absent from office for a long time claiming to be an ‘Avatar’.

In a letter dated July 1 to the secretary of the Water Resources Department, Pfeiffer said the “demons sitting in the government” were harassing him by withholding Rs 16 lakh as gratuity and another Rs 16 lakh as one year’s salary.

Pfeffer said that the trouble he was being harassed could bring a ‘great drought on the earth’ as ​​he is the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu who ruled in ‘Satyug’ (the age of truth according to Hinduism when God ruled). was)

Notice was given in 2018
Pfeffer was posted in the Vadodara office as the Superintending Engineer in the Sardar Sarovar Rehabilitation Agency of the State Water Resources Department. He was issued a show cause notice in 2018 for coming to office for just 16 days in eight months. Water Resources Department secretary MK Jadhav said, “Pfeffer is demanding salary without coming to office. He is saying that he should be given salary only because he is ‘Kalki’ avatar and is working to bring rain on the earth.’

claimed one year’s salary
Jadhav said, ‘He is doing a fool. I have received his letter in which he has claimed gratuity and one year salary. The matter of his gratuity is under process. The last time he claimed (of Kalki Avatar) an investigation was initiated against him. Seeing his mental condition, the government gave him premature retirement. Pfeiffer also claimed in his letter that India has received good rains in the last two years due to his presence on earth in the form of ‘Kalki’ avatar.

Wrote in the letter – I have ruled the earth in the golden age
“There was no drought in the country even for a year. Due to good rains in the last 20 years, India got a profit of 20 lakh crore rupees. Despite this the demons sitting in the government are troubling me. For this reason I will bring a severe drought this year all over the world. This is because I am the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and I have ruled the earth in the golden age.’


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