The girl kept shouting babu-babu at the gate of the marriage hall, the lover got married to someone else; video viral

In Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, a young woman kept shouting outside the marriage hall and inside her boyfriend got married to someone else. The policemen later removed the girl from the gate. The video of the incident has gone viral. The girl says she was living in a live-in with the young man and is now suddenly married to someone else.


This incident belongs to marriage garden at Kothi Bazar in Hoshangabad city. During a wedding ceremony in the marriage garden, a girl suddenly arrived crying. The gate of the marriage hall was closed and he was stopped from entering. She stopped crying and babu-babu was shouting. She continued to cry out for her relationship. He also said that if you want to get married, you should have said that you should have said that.

Madhya Pradesh: In Hoshangabad, the girl Babu, Babu kept shouting and inside the marriage hall, the lover got married to someone else. The crying young woman kept saying that she had been cheated. The two were reportedly living in the live-in for nearly three years.

Meanwhile, the marriage hall guards and some others present kept preventing the girl from entering the gate. Amidst much uproar, women SI Shraddha Rajput from Kotwali police station reached the marriage garden with the team. They questioned the girl in the car and she narrated her ordeal.

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