The leopard is taking class when the children are on holiday! Found in the school canteen, spent hours

Due to the Corona epidemic, the locks are hanging in the schools and at present there is no information about when the students will be able to go to school. Meanwhile, a leopard entered a school canteen in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. There was panic after the news of leopard entering Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya located in Takali Dhokeshwar village came to light. It is being told that the school staff were engaged in cleaning work in the school. Meanwhile, his eyes fell on a male leopard resting in the canteen.

On seeing the leopard, there was a stir among the school staff. In a hurry, the school staff closed the doors and windows of the canteen. The matter was immediately reported to the Forest Department and Wildlife SOS. As soon as the information was received, the team of Wildlife SOS reached the spot to rescue the leopard. This 5-member team had brought with them the net, cage and all the safety equipment. After coming to the school, the members of this team closed all the doors and windows of the school as a precaution. While the team was still planning to catch the leopard, in the meantime, in panic, the leopard started running here and there in the canteen premises.

The team drilled a hole at the door of the canteen so that the camera and torch could be inserted from there and the exact location of the leopard could be obtained. Taking a chance, Veterinary Doctor Nikhil Bangar gave an injection of anesthesia to the leopard from this hole. After falling unconscious, the leopard was handed over to Wildlife SOS. This leopard is being treated. It is being told that the leopard’s age is 7-8 years. It is also learned that the leopard had several wounds on its body.

Dr Bangar said that the leopard has scratch marks near its head, ears, throat and chest. It seems that this leopard had an encounter with another male leopard. After which he came here to hide. Currently, the leopard is being treated.

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