The thief left the letter after the theft, wrote – To save the life of a friend, I will throw the money in the house as soon as it comes


  • Unique incident of theft came to light in Bhind district of MP
  • After the theft the thief has left a letter in the house
  • The thief wrote in the letter that to save the life of a friend, I am stealing
  • The thief said that money will be thrown in the house

A unique theft in Bhind district of MP theft In Bhind) incident occurred. Thieves have taken jewelry and jewelery from a deserted house located in Bhim Nagar of the district. After this the thief has left a letter in the house. The thief has written in the letter that ‘Jai Hind Jai Bharat, do not take tension, this is stolen to save the life of a friend, I will throw the money in your house as soon as it comes’.

Along with this, the thief has also written Sorry and Dhoom-3 in the letter. Police have started investigation by registering a case against unknown thief. The incident is of Kotwali police station area. Here the house of Reema Maurya, a resident of Bhim Nagar of Ward No. Reema’s husband is in Chhattisgarh SAF. Reema lives here alone with children. On June 30, she went to her maternal home after locking the house.

On Monday, Reema returned to Bhind from her maternal home. During this, he saw the lock in the rooms broken. Along with this, everything in the house was scattered. At the same time, the jewelry kept in the suitcase was also missing. After that the senses of the family members were blown away.

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The woman informed the family members about the incident. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the Kotwali police also reached the spot and started investigation into the matter. There is also a lot of discussion about the letter written by the thief in this theft incident. The thief’s letter is also viral on social media. There are various discussions in the area regarding the handiwork of the thief.

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