There is a danger of blood clotting in the wrong way of corona vaccine injection, what is the right way?

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In recent days, after the corona vaccine, many cases of blood clotting were reported from many countries. Now a new study has come out regarding blood clotting, in which it has been said that this can also happen due to wrong injection. The study claimed that the wrong way of injecting the vaccine is the cause of blood clotting.

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This was revealed in a clinical trial from Munich University, Germany and a research in Italy. It was said in this report that if the tip of the needle, i.e. the front part, does not reach the inside of the muscle properly, then such a complaint comes to the fore if the blood vessel reaches directly into the blood vessel. This is also because sometimes the health worker who pulls the skin or applies the vaccine is not trained.

correct method for injection

The vaccine should not be applied by pulling the skin. By doing this, the vaccine does not reach the inside of the muscles properly. Sometimes the injection hits the blood vessel.

There are many blood vessels between the skin and the muscles. If not injected properly, it can reach the blood vessel. Incorrectly trained health workers pull the skin before applying the vaccine. This should not be done, by doing this the needle reaches only a few tissues. In some cases, the vaccine reaches the blood vessel.

Dr Rajeev Jayadevan

Studies have been done on this on rats. There was no problem when the mice were given the vaccine inside the muscles, while the injection in the vein showed the problem of clotting. In the month of April, a study from Denmark said that blood clotting can occur if the Kovid vaccine is applied incorrectly.


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