Third dose will be needed in Pfizer’s vaccine, the company will seek approval

The Covid-19 vaccine of Pfizer-Biotech, sold under the brand name ‘Comernaty’, may need a third dose to work more effectively against corona virus disease (Covid-19). In fact, this third Covid-19 shot is also expected to provide better protection against the beta variant of corona that was previously found in South Africa. It is also effective on delta variants found in India.

Demand for regulatory approval for third dose

Pfizer and Biotech announced on Thursday that it has sought regulatory approval for the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. According to the announcement, the third dose can increase the level of antibody by five to 10 times more than the variants of corona. This will, in fact, provide better protection than the existing practice of administering two shots.

Delta variant not effective on two doses

The vaccine of Pfizer or Astrigenica is less effective in protecting against the delta variant of corona. A study says that the vaccine is not very effective in making antibodies in the body of people who have not previously had corona virus and are infected with the delta variant of corona. A study published in Journal Nature says that the delta variant of Covid-19 has proved to be the most effective infection in the world.

The study says that delta variants have the ability to escape vaccines or antibodies formed in the body of people who have already been infected with corona virus. The study says that people who have taken both doses of Pfizer vaccine or astrachenica can survive the virus. The recent study stresses that it is very important to have both doses of Pfizer or astringencies to avoid the effect of delta variants.

Delta variant most dangerous

The World Health Organization has considered corona delta variant sat most dangerous and India witnessed the aggression of the variant during the second wave of corona. The study says that less than 5 per cent of India’s population has taken both doses of the vaccine. Due to this, the threat to this variant is yet to be averted. However, vaccine drives in the country have picked up considerably in the last few days.

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