To stay away from the new bride, the young man prepared a fake Kovid report, problems increased if the poll opened


  • To stay away from wife in Indore’s Mhow, a young man prepared a fake Kovid report
  • The young man stayed away from his wife in the name of Corona for a month
  • To hide physical weakness, the young man played the game
  • Indore Central Lab lodged an FIR against the youth in the fake report case

In Mhow, a man had made a fake RTPCR report (Fake Covid Positive Report News) to stay away from his wife. Declaring himself as Kovid positive, he had stayed away from his wife. After the disclosure in this case, a case of forgery has been registered against the youth. Talking to the media, the accused youth said that he was searching for a way not to come close to his wife. He said that I did not know that I would be in big trouble because of this.

The young man is a carpenter by profession, he was recently married. He had downloaded the RTPCR test report. After that edited it with the photo shop tool and showed it positive. Positive report sent to his family members. At the same time, his wife got suspicious on the report of the young man. He informed his father about it. When he took information about this from the Central Lab located in Indore, then the whole matter turned out to be fake.

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After this the lab has registered an FIR against the accused youth. He is currently on the run. The young man had sent his positive report to his wife and said that he was admitted to the Kovid Center. Also, when he did not return home for a month, his wife’s suspicion increased.

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After the disclosure in the whole matter, it is coming to the fore that due to physical weakness, tension was going on in the married life of both of them. There was always a rift with his wife about this. According to the wife, Ejaz was completely fine during his stay at home. There were no symptoms of corona. His wife said that so I informed my father about it.


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