Today Shirisha Bandla of Indian origin will fly on the journey of space

Virgin Galactic owner Richard Brennan will leave for space travel on Sunday. Indian-origin Shirisha Bandla is also all set to fly into space along with him. Bandla, 34, will be the second Indian woman to travel to space. Kalpana Chawla had earlier travelled to space.

Andhra Pradesh-born Bandala will be one of six passengers aboard Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity. She will leave New Mexico by Virgin Galactic Spaceship. According to Bandla’s profile on Virgin Galactic, the astronaut number will be 004 and her role during the flight will be that of a researcher experience.

Father and Grandfather Agricultural Scientist

Shirisha tweeted, “I am honoured to be an incomparable lying part of the amazing team of Unity22 and a company whose mission is to reach out to all to space. Though she currently works in the US, she lived in India for five years from birth. She later moved to the US with her family for better opportunities. According to The Hindu report, both his father Murlidhar Bundla and grandfather Ragaiya are agricultural scientists.

Shirisha Bandla was born in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. She currently works for Virgin Galactic, a leading US private space agency. The company plans to launch its spacecraft later next week. Shirisha, who graduated in aeronautical engineering from Purdue University, is part of a six-member team going into space. This includes English businessman Sir Richard Branson, who will fly to space in the expedition.

Richard Brennan, Jeff Bezos and Alan Musk vie for space tour

It may be recalled that three of the world’s leading entrepreneurs Richard Brennan, Jeff Bezos and Alan Musk are vying to start space tourism these days. Amazon founder Bezos will fly on July 20 after Branson’s departure. Musk is also scheduled to send ordinary people on a space trip in September.

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