Top Jobs: If You Want High Salary Then These Are The Best Option After Linguistics Degree


  • These jobs can be done after Linguistics degree
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Top Jobs For Graduates: If you are pursuing a linguistics degree course but haven’t made a career plan yet, don’t worry. After graduating in Linguistics, there are various career options. There are top level career options after this course. We are telling you about 7 good jobs for graduates with linguistics degree.

Computational Linguist in the Technical Industry
A computational linguistics can solve problems in many areas, including artificial intelligence, machine translation, natural language interfaces, document processing, grammar and style checking, and computer-aided language. For this you need to have an undergraduate linguistics degree. Also a master’s degree in computational linguistics or a related field and knowledge of programming. In some cases, a foreign language may also be necessary.
Salary- As a computational linguist, you can work for blue chip companies, laboratories, universities or large software brands and earn an average salary of up to 50 lakhs annually.
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linguistics professor
Academics with this degree can use their specialist knowledge to teach in university departments such as linguistics, philosophy, psychology, speech and communication science or anthropology as an academic career. An academic career requires you to complete a master’s degree, a PhD, and in some cases a professional teaching certificate.
Salary- Salary as a Linguistics Professor depends on how many years of experience you have and the institution you are in. A lecturer with less than one year of experience can earn an average of US 28 and 40 lakh rupees.

Working as a translator, you will be expected to translate 2,000 to 3,000 words per day. Whether freelance or in-house, you are typically expected to specialize in one field (such as commerce, education, law, literature or science). A degree in two languages ​​in addition to your mother tongue is required as a qualification.
Salary – The starting salary for translators is based on the total words and degree of specialization and also varies according to the company recruiting you. Average translator earns Rs 15 – 54 lakhs annually.
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foreign language teacher
As a foreign language teacher, you spend your day preparing lesson plans, marking student work, instructing students in the classroom, interacting with parents, and attending administrative meetings. You will be expected to provide your students with proficiency in a new language as well as knowledge of the culture, history and culture of that language. To pursue a career in this you will need a bachelor’s degree with evidence of completion of a teacher-education program or PGCE along with coursework in the chosen language.
Salary- It will depend on your experience and the institute. The salary of a high school teacher ranges between 20 to 37 lakhs annually.

forensic linguist
Forensic linguists perform emergency calls, suicide letters, threat communication and language analysis on social media during legal proceedings for law firms, the police or the government to help solve crimes. You will need a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in Linguistics as well as knowledge of legal procedures.
Salary- Forensic linguist salary is high, average forensic linguist is between 29 lakhs to 74 lakhs.
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technical writer
Technical writers create content in collaboration with graphic designers, user experience designers, software developers and testers. The role mainly includes information gathering, content planning and writing technical documentation to educate the consumer about a product or service in the form of manuals, whitepapers, business correspondence, etc. Bachelor’s degree in IT, Communications, English or Journalism as well as knowledge of publishing software such as Word, Adobe, Photoshop, Paint and CSS.
Salary- Salary may vary depending on different cities. Could be between 29 to 63 lakhs.

Lexicographers write, compile and edit dictionaries for native speakers, English learners, professionals and bilingual speakers. They record new words. This will require a degree in Linguistics, English, Modern Languages, History/Politics, or Classics. A postgraduate qualification in foreign languages ​​or linguistics can also be useful for becoming a lexicographer.
Salary- 16 lakhs to 42 lakhs.


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