UP: ‘The bride was seen in her face’, when her in-laws arrived for the first time by helicopter, the whole village swelled

RB Lal, Bareilly
In Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, when the newly elected head reached his in-laws’ house by helicopter, it became a matter of curiosity. In fact, the bride had neither asked for votes nor was she married according to customs, although her court marriage was done to contest the elections. After winning the election, she got married according to the customs, after which she reached her in-laws’ house. At the same time, the villagers say that they have handed over this head to the bride’s face. When the bride reached her in-laws’ house, the whole village thronged to welcome the head.

BJP’s city vice-president Vedram Lodhi, resident of Mohalla Bahadurganj, Ujhani in Badaun district, had fixed the marriage of daughter Sunita Verma with Omendra Singh, son of Shripal Lodhi, resident of Alampur Kot village of Amla in Bareilly, Ramnagar last year. Shripal’s family is also in politics. He himself has been the block chief. Twice his wife has also been the head. At the same time, Panchayat elections were declared only when Sunita’s relationship was decided. In the electoral process, Shripal’s village Alampur Kot was reserved for women’s seat. It was a coincidence, so Shripal also made a plan to convert this occasion into politics. He started weaving the fabric of getting the daughter-in-law to contest the village head elections. First of all, he started the process of including the daughter-in-law in the voter list. For this, he considered it appropriate to get married legally before the scheduled matrimonial program.

way out of court marriage
Shripal got his son Omendra Singh married to Sunita on 25 December 2020 in court marriage. This changed Sunita’s address. Along with this, his name was included in the voter list of his village Alampur Kot. Later nominations were made for the post of Principal. Before this Sunita came to Bareilly, completed the nomination process and returned to her maternal home in Badaun. Sunita did not reach even once among the voters for the election campaign. Father-in-law Shripal Singh and husband Omendra Singh only sought votes for her. During this, the voters also gave full support. And gave victory to the daughter-in-law of his village.

The bride reached her in-laws’ house by helicopter by becoming the village head
After the declaration of the results of the elections, the bride and groom party fixed the date of marriage of Omendra Singh and Sunita according to Hindu customs. On Saturday, July 3, Omendra’s procession reached Ujhani in Badaun district. Shripal booked a helicopter to make the wedding ceremony memorable. On Sunday afternoon, the helicopter from Mahatma Gandhi Palika Inter College ground in Ujhani reached Alampur Kot village in Bareilly district with the newlyweds. On this occasion, the daughter-in-law and the newly elected village head were given a grand welcome.


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