Uttarakhand: Covid investigation and booking necessary for going to Mussoorie on weekends, checking will be done by putting barriers

Mussoorie has been tightened to control the increasing rush over the weekend. Now, on Saturdays and Sundays, only those who have a negative 72-hour corona inquiry report will be allowed to go to Mussoorie and have booked a hotel or guest house to stay in Mussoorie. Registration on smart city portal is also mandatory. The High Court has taken serious note of the increasing rush at tourist places in the state in Kovidkal. The police have also started strictures in view of the high court’s directions.

SSP Dr Yogendra Singh Rawat said that a special plan has been formulated to control the rush at tourist places on weekends. Under this, barriers will be installed at Kunal Gate and Kimadi to prevent people going to Mussoorie on Saturday and Sunday. People going to Mussoorie at the barrier will be checked. Only those who have booking to stay in Mussoorie will be allowed to go beyond the barrier. Also, a negative 72-hour corona check report and registration on the Smart City portal will be required. Mussoorie will have 100 additional policemen deployed to make arrangements over the weekend. Plans have also been made for other tourist destinations. He gave these directions by meeting gazetted police officers of the district.

50 per cent entry to major places in Mussoorie

On the weekend, only 50 per cent of the people will get admission from the capacity at Company Garden, Hawa Ghar, Mall Road and other major places in Mussoorie. Those who put up carts on The Goods Road will be removed. It will be removed if it is too much. So that the stalls do not get crowded with people stopping. People will also be made aware through audio messages. They will also be given necessary instructions to control corona in a meeting with the hotel association.

So the local people will not be able to go

In Mussoorie, locals from nearby cities including Doon also visit on weekends. Such people go for a walk in the morning and return to their homes by evening. However, such people will no longer be able to go to Mussoorie over the weekend. They have to go and show proof of booking to stay there. Only then will permission be allowed to go.

20 policemen to arrange in Sahasradhara

The SSP has imposed duty on 20 additional police personnel to control the crowd in Sahasradhara on Saturday and Sunday. These employees will monitor the condition of the tourists gathered here. Traffic will be diverted by stopping entry of people as the crowd increases.

More strictness on the border

The SSP said the arrival of tourists from outside is increasing very fast. In such a situation, the border of the district will be tightened again. Entry will be given only on showing negative report of corona test from border. Registration will also be checked on the Smart City portal.

SSP Dr Yogendra Singh Rawat said that the rush at tourist places is increasing rapidly. Corona infection is likely to increase. Crowd control has been planned for tourist spots over the weekend.

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