Uttarakhand new cm: Strong leaders were sidelined… Big question- Is making Pushkar CM an invitation to revolt!

Is the decision of the high command to make a younger leader the new Chief Minister, bypassing the strong leaders in Uttarakhand, is it going to become a reason for rebellion in the BJP? Such questions have started floating in the air of Uttarakhand. It is being told that many MLAs of the party are angry.

Former minister Bishan Singh Chufal, who was in the Tirath government, expressed his displeasure by calling the state president. Also clarified that he will not take oath as a minister. As soon as this was realized, Nainital MP Ajay Bhatt reached Chufal’s residence to celebrate. He persuaded them by explaining them. But not only this, many other veterans are also running angry.

Dhami met Satpal Maharaj on Sunday

Two deputy CMs can be made
Due to this rebellion, the path of the elected CM of the Central Command, Pushkar Singh Dhami, is becoming difficult instead of easy. Now it is believed that there may be an attempt to suppress some opposition by making two deputy CMs. Subodh Uniyal’s name is being told for one of them. He has been the official spokesperson in the Tirath cabinet. The name of a leader’s son may be decided for the second deputy CM.

On Sunday morning, Pushkar Singh Dhami also visited the house of former Chief Ministers living in Dehradun and met them. Dhami also met Satpal Maharaj. Pushkar Singh Dhami will take oath as the 11th Chief Minister of Uttarakhand at Raj Bhavan at 5 pm on Sunday. A day before this, he was elected the leader of the party in the legislature party meeting.

Dhami thanked the high command
After the announcement of becoming the Chief Minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami told reporters that we accept every challenge. Will carry forward the old works. Will carry forward the work of the organization. He also thanked the BJP high command.

Youngest State CM
Dhami will be the youngest Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. He is going to become CM at the age of 45. At present, the record of becoming the youngest CM in Uttarakhand will remain in his name. In Uttarakhand, which has 70 assembly seats, 57 MLAs belong to the BJP. BJP has given third CM in four and a half years.

many dream broken
Along with Dhami, members of his cabinet can also take oath today. After the announcement of Dhami’s name as CM, BJP MLAs who cherish the dream of CM are being told that they are angry. Among the MLAs whose names were doing the rounds for a possible CM was Tirath Sarkar minister Bishan Singh Chufal. Chufal was also not included in the cabinet by Trivendra. He became a minister in the Tirath government. Earlier he was also a minister in Khanduri cabinet.

Dhami is close to Koshyari
In BJP, there has been a feud between Chufal and former CM Bhagat Singh Koshyari. The new CM is considered close to Koshyari.
Now it is also believed that former cabinet ministers Satpal Maharaj and Harak Singh Rawat may also shy away from joining the cabinet. Both these leaders were contenders for CM.

Former BJP cabinet ministers Banshidhar Bhagat, Yashpal Arya are also said to be angry. To persuade Yashpal Arya, three former ministers including Dr Dhan Singh have reached his residence. Here the battle has now begun between experience and inexperience. The reason is that Dhami, who was MLA twice, did not become a minister even once. Till now the party which was not considering him as minister worthy, how did the same party make him the Chief Minister overnight? Surprised about this.

Importantly, some of the angry MLAs have been ministers in the previous Tirath and Trivendra governments. Also he is from Congress background which he has come to BJP during last few years. Along with this, some senior MLAs who have been ministers from BJP background are also included in this.

Amit Shah called
Before the leader’s selection, Union Home Minister Amit Shah also made phone calls to two leaders who were ministers in the previous governments. The names of Satpal Maharaj and Dr. Harak Singh Rawat, who were cabinet ministers in the Trivendra and Tirath governments for the new chief minister, were also in the news. He left the state BJP office soon after the legislature party meeting was over. This was seen to be linked to resentment in the matter of leader selection.

many feel neglected
Actually, Satpal Maharaj and Harak Singh Rawat are considered strong in the politics of Uttarakhand. Both are in politics even before the formation of a separate state of Uttarakhand. Satpal Maharaj has been a minister of state at the Centre, while Harak Singh Rawat has also been a cabinet minister in undivided Uttar Pradesh. In the year 2012, when the Congress government was formed in Uttarakhand, he was given very heavy ministries. It is discussed that in the separated meeting, many MLAs are feeling neglected from the level of BJP leadership. Apart from this, some other MLAs have also not liked the decision to elect Dhami’s leader.

pushkar singh dhami

Pushkar Singh Dhami (File photo)


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