Vaccination in Ghaziabad: Vaccine shortage in Ghaziabad, 110 vaccination centers locked, know what is the situation

About 110 centers have been closed at present due to lack of vaccine in Ghaziabad. Along with this, the department is also contemplating to close some big vaccination centers in the district. Along with this, brainstorming is also going on on the spot registration. On Saturday also, vaccination could be done only at 30 centers in the district. There was also a ruckus at many centers due to the lack of vaccine.

There is a shortage of vaccine in the district for the last one week. The district is not even getting enough vaccine from the government level that all the 144 centers set up under the cluster scheme can be made operational. Of these, only 30 centers are being vaccinated. On-spot vaccination at these centers is also causing a lot of trouble for the department.

daily commotion
The centers start getting crowded since morning and people scuffle and create ruckus among themselves in the process of getting the vaccine first. The worst condition is of Ghantaghar Ramlila Maidan. After this, the Combined Hospital and Women’s Hospital attract the maximum crowd. The department is contemplating to close these three centers. In their place, vaccination can be started at remote urban PHCs. Officials say that this can be done in view of the crowd and uproar at the three centres.

71% fewer vaccinations in this week
This week in the district, there has been 71 percent less vaccination as compared to the last week of June. Under the pilot project of the cluster scheme that started from June 21 in the district, more than 1.5 lakh people were vaccinated at government centers in a week. At the same time, from June 28 to July 3, only 42 thousand people have been able to get the vaccine. In the district, 151865 thousand people had got the vaccine in 6 days from June 21 to 26. In 6 days of this week, only 42702 have been vaccinated, in which vaccination could not be done at many centers due to lack of vaccine on Wednesday.

Vaccination centers set up in the district have not been closed. Due to the lack of vaccine, vaccination is being done at those centers where more vaccination was being done normally. Efforts have been made that vaccination should be done at one center in each area of ​​the district. Vaccination will be done at all the centers of the district based on the availability of the vaccine.

Dr. GP Mathuria, Nodal Officer, Vaccination

Now the campaign will not start on July 15
At present, the campaign of corona vaccination does not seem to start in the district till July 15. The district has received only 32 thousand vaccines from the government level for the next 4 days. That is, only 8 thousand people can be vaccinated every day. According to departmental sources, there have been indications from the government level that this situation will continue till July 15.


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