Vegetable seller in Gwalior said ‘Bihari Bhai’, angry youths beat him to death


  • Viral video of vegetable man beating in MP’s Gwalior
  • Two youths are beating the vegetable seller in the viral video
  • The vegetable seller had called both the youths as Bihari brothers.
  • Both the youths who beat up are residents of Bihar.

A video from Gwalior News Video of MP is viral on social media. In the viral video (Bihari Bhai Viral Video), some youths are beating the vegetable shopkeeper. The only fault of the vegetable shopkeeper is that he killed both the youths.Bihari Bhai‘ Had said. Angered by this, both of them started beating. The incident is from Dindayal Nagar area of ​​Maharajpura of Gwalior. The youths brutally beat up the vegetable shopkeeper for being called ‘Bihari Bhai’.

Actually, two youths had reached Deendayal Nagar area to buy vegetables. Here he asked the price of potatoes and onions from a vendor. On this the vegetable seller said that take ‘Bihari Bhai’, hearing this, both the youths went back from there. After a while both came and started beating the vegetable seller. The vegetable vendor was mercilessly thrashed just because he had called the youths ‘Bihari Bhai’. Apart from beating the vegetable vendor with kicks and punches, the youths also pelted stones and beat them with iron rods. The youth had a country-made katta, with the butt of which the vegetable vendor was also hurt.

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Thankfully the bullet didn’t go off. During this, the youths misbehaved with the people who came to their rescue. Later, the vegetable vendor escaped from the spot and saved his life. Maharajpura police station reached the spot as soon as the incident was reported. A case has been registered against the youths.

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According to the information, the name of the young man who is being beaten up in the video is Vikas Lodhi. He sets up a vegetable cart near the Scindia Statue in DD Nagar. Vasudev Kushwaha sells vegetables near him. A day earlier, Akhilesh Pathak and Akash Chauhan, who lived in the neighborhood of Vikas, came here. He asked the price of onions. On this, Vikas said that take Bihari brother 40 rupees per kg. After asking both the expressions, they left at that time, but when they returned after 10 minutes, they told Vikas that why did you call us Bihari and attacked.

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Both the youths are residents of Bihar and they attacked only after being called Bihari Bhai. Police have registered a case against Akhilesh Pathak and Akash Chauhan. The special thing in this case was that this incident of assault continued for about half an hour but no police reached the spot. This makes it clear how the law and order situation in Gwalior has collapsed. People are openly assaulting anyone and run away.


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