Video: Volcano-like explosion in the sea off the coast of Azerbaijan, fireball seen in the sky

A massive explosion has occurred in an oil and gas field in the sea off the coast of Azerbaijan. The explosion was so strong that huge flames of fire were seen in the sky. It is feared that the oil rig or the tanker got ruined in this blast. It is being told that this explosion took place in the Umid gas field which is located in the Caspian Sea. In the viral video of this incident, a ball of fire is seen in the air.

So far there has been no official statement from Azerbaijan. It is not yet known what caused the explosion or whether there were any casualties. Azerbaijan’s state-owned oil company blamed the Mud Vulcano or Punk Volcano for the explosion, but later deleted its statement. Company representative Ibrahim Ahmedov said there were no accidents in the area under his control.

Know what are punk volcanoes
Ibrahim said that the company’s work is going on as usual. On the other hand, Russian news website Gazeta said that a powerful explosion has occurred in the Caspian Sea in the sea area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzerbaijan. According to local media, the blast allegedly took place in the Umaid gas field. Mark Tingai, an Australian expert at Mud Vulcano, says that the explosion was definitely caused by a mud volcano. He said that there had been a blast in this area in the year 1958 as well.

Mark said that thousands of mud vulcanoes are found in Azerbaijan and they often erupt. Punk volcanoes spew muddy silt instead of fire and lava. They also release some greenhouse gases. They are found only in Andaman in India. These mud vulcanoes are found in the island of Baratang in the Great Andaman group. Methane (86 percent) is the largest gas released from mud vulcanoes. Due to the flammability of methane, there are sometimes incidents of explosion in these.


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