Vishwa Hindu Parishad raised questions on the population policy of UP, said- Yogi government should reconsider

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and some other population expert institutions have raised questions on the population control bill prepared by the State Law Commission of Uttar Pradesh. In the bill prepared by the UP government, there is a plan to exclude those with more than two children from government jobs and schemes. There is also talk of giving incentives to people with less than two children. On this the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has raised the question. VHP International Working President Alok Kumar said that the one child policy will create population imbalance in the society. He said that the government should think about it as it would lead to negative growth in the population.

VHP is against one child policy
On Monday, the objection can be submitted to the Law Commission on behalf of the VHP in writing. In this, there will be a demand to remove the provision of giving incentives to people having one child from the draft of the bill. Apart from Vishwa Hindu Parishad, experts on gender and public health have raised questions on the bill prepared by the government. Poonam Mutreja, Executive Director, Population Foundation of India said that no data from the country or the world has said that population explosion is happening in India or UP.

Fertility rate is decreasing in India
Not only this, Mutreja said that the total fertility rate in India has come down. The fertility rate in India was 3.4 in 1992-93, which declined to 2.2 in 2015-16. According to the National Family Health Survey, the nationwide average was 2.2, while that of UP was 2.7. Which is more than the rest of the country. However, experts say that by 2025, the average population growth in Uttar Pradesh will be equal to the national level. Women experts have also expressed concern about the policy of the UP government. Mutreja said that sterilization of men and women is being encouraged by the UP government. But usually the burden of family planning measures has been passed on to women only.

Increase in sterilization of women adversely affects health
In such a situation, due to the strictness of the government, sterilization of women can increase and this will have an adverse effect on their health. In fact, due to less use of condoms and men not taking up the responsibility of family planning, the burden is on women only. He said that among all the population control measures in UP, the average of male sterilization is less than 1 per cent.


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